To Tock or Walk?

Dream: It started out with a former co-worker asking me if I played Tock. To which I answered with an enthusiastic “Yes!”. She informed me that she and a few of her friends were going to play but one of them wasn’t able to make it and asked if I wanted to take their place. I agreed and we were on our way. The group in my dream were waiting in what looked like a cafeteria. I was told they play it the original way and they take the traditional rules quite seriously it seemed. As I was sitting down they were asking me if I knew this term understood that rule. I noticed that more and more people started to fill up the tables around us with their own boards, marbles, cards and even players. Before I knew it we were in the midst of some kind of tournament. As we were getting ready to start our game, I revealed to them that I had “no idea how to play that version”. They remained silent and appeared to be expecting me to bow-out but then I added that I was “very much looking forward to playing it anyways”. They were all very happy to see my interest in playing with them and gave me a jovial squeeze on the shoulders, then we started to play and I woke up.

Reflections: My 31st birthday is tomorrow and my family and I usually end up playing some kind of game after dinner and desert. Lately, it has been our own version of “Dirty Tock”. “Dirty Tock” is a derivative of La Valet d’Coeur (The Jack of Hearts); a French game that uses pegs or marbles with playing cards rather than dice. A bit like a combination between Cribbage and Sorry. Now, my family and I play it with slightly different rules than the original and it is similar to the version my cousin submitted called “Dirty Tock” 😉 but not EXACTLY the same. So that is where these elements all came from but what does it all mean?

Well, when I woke up I already had the explanation right away. See, in the past I was known for not willing to step out side of my comfort zone. If I didn’t know people who were going to be attending an event and that I would have to interact with on a personal level, then I would usually opt to not go or be involved in the first place. However, I am quite proud to say that is quickly becoming less of a problem. I have begun to “come out of my Jimmy cave” as my girlfriend puts it and try new things and meet new people, make new connections and just become more tolerant of people in the first place. Also, Capricorns are naturally traditional, routine-based goats who do not take a step without knowing if the footing is solid. Security in all things is of utmost importance to them. To me this dream was saying “even though I don’t always have a plan or know what to expect, I am not allowing those fears to limit my experience anymore”. This is important because it is something that frequently creeps its way into my head and it is nice to have the realization that it is less of an issue than it used to be. Liberating even!

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