In Memoriam: Gunr Silverstrike

Gunr Silverstrike
Gunr Silverstrike, Mournhold, 2E 550 – 2E 583

Race: Nord

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Class: Dragon Knight
Level: 50
Champion Points: 531
Preferred Resource: Stamina
Preferred Role: Tank
Armor: 5pc Heavy, 1pc Med, 1pc Light
Weapons: Double 1 hand sword & shield
Seen wearing: Vosh Rakh ceremonial mask & Nedic Duraki Armor.
Last known location: Cradle of Shadows, Shadowfen

Not much is known about Gunr’s early years. Rumors abound about the hardship he endured on the streets of Windhelm in Eastmarch. Some say it was those formative years that hardened him against the uglier elements of solitary living. Those same experiences that taught him right from wrong built in him a tendency towards empathy, while allowing him to hone his skills in intimidation and combat. As a nomad, he would not steal for want, but rather take what he needed using nothing more than a piercing stare and a closed fist.

One day, alone in the woods and drunk, he was captured by Imperial troups. Forced into slavery, he accepted it as it gave his life purpose and direction. It wasn’t until the King of Worms; Mannimarco attempted to steal his soul that he understood it’s true value. From there history seems to ‘forget’ about Gunr, until his body washes ashore in Stonefall years later. Oddly enough, still alive, he joined The Undaunted. A group of rough riding warriors who delighted in killing massive beasts for fame and glory, while getting stinking drunk!

During one lonely, drunken excursion into the wilderness of Skyrim, he happened upon an odd little grove that seemed out of place and out of time. In the center there was nothing but a single black goat quietly grazing. Gunr swore that the goat spoke to him his name, that he was a gift from a daedric prince and one who continues to speak, not only to him but only on certain nights. It was this first encounter with the daedric realm that fascinated Gunr to the point where he joined a daedric cult known as the Scumdogs of Skyrim. Many have heard of this cult before but few knew the price of entry. Followers of this cult had to pledge their loyalty to the daedric prince Hircine. The people know Hircine as the Lord of the Hunt but few hunters regard him as he truly is; the patron saint of werewolves.

Imbued with the blood of a werewolf, Gunr was no longer in it for the fame or glory, he fought for the thrill of the hunt and the display of his prowess as a lethal, vicious killing machine. He set out across Tamriel and left his mark by eviscerating enormous menacing beasts like The Dreugh King of Fungal Grotto, The Dwemer Automaton in Darkshade Caverns, The Lamia Queen of Arx Corinium,  and even the mighty Ash Titan; famed general to the now defeated Valkyn Skoria of the City of Ash. He became Champion of The Crucible, and Sergeant to the Ebonheart Pact by continuously driving the Dominion and Covenant forces out of Cyrodil with cutting claws and crushing jaws. A few months later, upon his return he found that his beloved cult had turned on each other and were no more. Renouncing his membership, he kept his pledge to the daedric lord Hircine and brought with him everywhere he went, the blood lust of a beast with no cause.

While traversing the desolate province of Craglorn he happened upon a group of adventurers who were struggling to take on the celestial mage of Aetherian Archives. He joined their caused and in return was welcomed into what turned out to be yet another daedric cult. This one paid homage to the Mad God Sheogorath and called themselves “Sheogorath’s Mortals”. It was a crazy and maddening time for Gunr, collecting resources, crafting new gear, fine tuning his skills and experimenting with magic to crush both the Celestial Mage, and the Celestial Warrior of Hel Ra Citadel. Though it never really appealed to him and he had no real aptitude for it, he was able to master his most notable magicka-based skills in the depths of Sanctum Ophidia, fighting the abominations created by the Scaled Court.

Shortly after he traveled to Wrothgar, home of the Orcs. There he restored clan-hood to the fabled city of Orsinium and laid to rest the spirit of the honorable beast Coldwind, beloved mount to the Ancient Orc King Torug. Upon preparing to leave Orsinium, he was set upon by a giant snow bear clad in battle armor. As he unsheathed his blade to defend himself, he noticed the bear was not advancing. Still angry and enraged, both beasts stood their ground but neither would strike the other one first. Gunr knelt down and waited. Not knowing how, it seemed to appease Malacath, the Orc God of the Spurned, and yet another lone beast was ushered to Gunr’s side by the daedra.

Day’s later the three found themselves in the southern land of Hews Bane. Whereupon the legendary Thieves Guild inducted Gunr into their ranks. There he uncovered a heinous plot from the former guild master who was trying to sell out his guild mates to the mercenaries of The Iron Wheel. Stealth and deception were new skills for Gunr as death and violence is frowned upon by the guild. After leaving the usurper to his own fate, he restored the guild to it’s former glory and recovered long lost relics and trophies. However, amongst all of this glitter and gold, shadows were gathering on the walls around Gunr.

Two months later a letter is sent by way of courier. Nothing but two words penned in black ink. “We Know.” The dreaded word of warning from the Dark Brotherhood themselves. A guild of assassins, vampires, werewolves, cold-blooded murderers, devotees to the word of the night mother and worshipers of Sithis; the father of the void. Obviously they had been following Gunr’s work for sometime. All that blood leaves a stain eventually. They knew that he was responsible for restoring the Thieves guild and that he had the skills for stealth, now the Dark Brotherhood wanted to see if he would go further into the void. Gunr’s arrival at the Gold Coast was far from typical. Before he could seek them out to at least listen to what they had to say, his arrival was accompanied with instructions for carrying out a random murder. Not being a stranger to the darker side of humanity or mercenary work himself, he complied. The guild accepted his ‘sacrifice’ and gave him a new family where he thrived. Gunr learned that the Dark Brotherhood consider all possible ramifications before performing a necessary evil, they have no ambition of their own other than to continue their own way of living. They care not for power or control, they obey the word of the Night Mother; a decaying corpse who is said to have been one of the many brides of Sithis himself. It was in their sanctuary that he learned the finer points of useful tools like magic, deception, anatomy, and poison. As it turns out the guild was dwindling in numbers. Someone was hunting them using their own tactics and techniques against them, possibly a former member.

Not much of Gunr’s experience is recorded after that. We know he spent months there and that he returned from the Gold Coast, with a new companion. A large black wolf, whose eyes were always red and whose howl was unlike any wolf known to man or mer. The people of Mournhold whisper about his high rank in the Dark Brotherhood and that a perk of it was his new wolf friend, as well as the Blade of Woe and even the blessing of Sithis. One can only dare to guess at what kinds of ‘contracts’ he completed during his time there. Some claim to have seen him perform the black sacrament itself, though he never recites the prayer to the Night Mother. If what they say is true then Gunr could just as easily fulfill the contract himself.

Sadly, the last we saw of Gunr he was running head strong into the Cradle of Shadows. Shield up, skin made of stone, covered in red hot spines, breathing noxious poisonous flames, slashing his way through the vile forces of the Silken Ring. Though the clashing of steel can no longer be heard. The ruins are far from silent. Every night adventurers enter, and every night you can hear a wolf howling. Lamenting the loss of his pack. Maybe it is another lone wolf. Maybe Gunr made it out alive. Maybe we will hear his war cry once again in another place or another time, after all this isn’t the first time he’s been thought dead. Gunr leaves behind only his pack:

North Wind
North Wind



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