Here is a somewhat inspired piece from one of my favorite songs on the new Otep album; ‘Equal Rights – Equal Lefts’ from Generation Doom. I wanted to depict a Otep-esque heroine with her back against the wall, and although the cause is being slowly stripped away behind her, the fight rages on.

Anahata – update 2016

This one was a little tougher since the three tarot cards associated with the Heart Chakra are The Lovers (obviously), The Wheel, and The Hermit.

Manipura – update 2016

Since the subject already has a commanding presence like that of the Emperor, the other tarot card associated with this Chakra is The Tower.

Swadhisthana – update 2016

Already a fair representation of The Priestess card; I wanted to have the other two Tarot cards that are associated with the Sacral Chakra: The Sun and The Moon.

Muladhara – update 2016

There are three tarot cards that are associated with the Root chakra. The Devil, Strength, and The Empress.


The fourth Chakra: Anahata is associated with Air. Now the Kundalini serpent blossoms into the most abstract of the physical elements before moving on to more ethereal forms. We have a union between Earth and the Cosmos, Inner Peace and Outside Chaos.


The Wild Element of Fire! and the color of yellow. The number three is very important to me because it is the number of creation. Where 2 is duality and 1 is the seed or spark, when they combine they result in a third. Such is why this Chakra is associated with the master giver of all life and energy as we know it; The Sun. Fire is indeed a wild element.