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dev log 2016.08.25

Been getting a couple of questions as to what I have been up to lately. So allow me to explain.…
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In Memoriam: Gunr Silverstrike

Not much is known about Gunr's early years. Rumors abound about the hardship he endured on the streets of Windhelm…
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Secret to the Name of God?

"I am that I am" One of the most well-known lines in the Hebrew Torah and English Bible; supposedly the…
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To Tock or Walk?

Dream: It started out with a former co-worker asking me if I played Tock. To which I answered with an…
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Sheri & Death

Dream: From what I can remember I was having an argument with "Death" from American Horror Story: Asylum.
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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Energy Contact. I recently discovered a series of youtube videos created by one Joseph Willenbrink called "Energy
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Spiral Spread

Honestly I just wanted to try this spread out but at the same time I had not seen much fruitfulness…
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The Seven Primary Chakras

This is just a rundown of the various details and associations I have found that correspond to each chakra. I…
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Celtic Cross

I do not remember if I had any pressing reason why I needed to seek out cosmic guidance this time…
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